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How did I not know about this???  The 'Run Amok' modeling looks good and the game itself is awesome!  Somebody shoulda told me.

 - Team Run Amok

Thank you! So glad you appreciate it 😊 This is super old now and is greatly outshone by its successor, Robot Rumble 2!

Linked the Discord which has the latest builds if you're interested :D

Discord Server

Aha! Yes, I know of Robot Rumble 2, but I had never seen the Robotica Gauntlet demo vid and did not know of the relationship that MetalMania had to RR2. 
Thank you for the Discord invite. It looks like a strong user community -- so many replicas! It may take some time to find Robotica content, but I'm working on it...

Will their be a battle mode?

Working on it for next version!

Its just like the toy!