A downloadable game for Windows

v0.4 of my robot combat game, MetalMania. Likely to be the last update as I have now moved onto a fresh new project.  Thank you to everyone that has followed my progress!


Krave Monster Robot

BattleBox Local 2 Player Mode

Controller Functionality for Menu

Tweaks and Improvements to robot behaviour.


Krave Monster used with permission by Carter Hudd @Altapowderdog on Youtube.

Jellyfish used with permission by Dave Lawerie @Robot_Dave on Twitter.

Apollo used with permission by Apollo Robot.

All other robots are owned by their respective creators. This game features some representations I do not own, nor am I associated with. This is a fan made game produced for no profit.

Install instructions

Install instructions

1: Download the ZIP file.

2: Unzip both the .exe and its data folder to the same location.

3: Run the .exe file 'MetalManiav0.4'.

4: WASD to move, Space for main weapons and Q for secondary weapons! C to change camaera! Partial Controller Support.


MetalManiav0.4.zip 74 MB


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looks very fun

Looks Like Fun!!!