A downloadable game for Windows


This is a vertical slice of my Robot Wars inspired project I am currently working on in my free time. This slice features the Pinball Warrior mode from Series 4 of the TV series, and is still a work in progess! I am hoping to create more game modes, with more robots in the future!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Robot Wars, the music, or any affiliates featured, this is a fan made production.

Install instructions

1: Download the ZIP file

2: Unzip both the .exe and its data folder to the same location

3: Run the .exe

4: WASD to move, Q and E for weapons! Controller Supported!


PinballWarriorPreAlpha.zip 33 MB


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The awesome angry monster truck announce sets the theme :D looking forward to the future!

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to download and try my game! Sorry if the objectives weren't very clear, I suppose they might not be obvious to someone who hasn't seen the show! Probably worth mentioning again the game is still very much in development!